52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Sunday 24 May 2020

Sunday Bunday Baking Challenge - Sweet Dough (Iced Finger Buns)

Today was "Sunday Bunday" Baking Challenge.  The theme this week was "Sweet Dough".

I used a Paul Hollywood recipe for my iced finger buns.

In my head, I had something sticky with nuts and lovely flavours.  Unfortunately, for some unknown reason the dough just didn't rise how I expected it to, leaving me wondering if I should continue with a bake or not.  

If I continued with the theme that I had planned, I could have wasted more ingredients, so I decided to keep it simple and make an iced bun with fresh whipped cream and raspberry jam.

The whole process takes quite a while.  I gave it an hour and a half to proove initially, moulded into shape and then a further prove of an hour before a quick ten minute bake, then there was making the icing, whipping the cream and the jam.  I didn't make the jam, I strained some Tesco Finest Raspberry jam instead.  

I have to say, even though the whole process was a bit of a faff, they actually taste ok, maybe the bread area is a little heavier than it should be but if it tastes ok, then that is half the battle!


  1. they look good Sam bet they were scrumptious

    1. They certainly were. I've given 6 away to the neighbours and a couple to my Mother-in-law x