52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 20 May 2020

A Papercrafting Break with Sewing Instead

Sometimes it is good to take a break.  This past week I've really not been in the mood for papercrafting.  I don't know why I feel like this, but I can feel that I have taken a step back from it.

The last week, I seem to have occupied my time with reading and shuffling sewing patterns and stroking my fabrics.  In true crafting tradition, one can never have enough stash and that applies to fabrics too, so I placed an order for some new fabrics which arrived yesterday.

Within five hours of the fabric arriving it was washed, dry, ironed and folded ready to use.  (I wash all my fabrics as soon as I have them, that way the shrinkage happens before it is made up into clothing or patchwork - I learnt this from experience!).


  1. Lovely lot of fabrics Sam. Will be interested to see your makes.

    1. Thank you. I made some trousers last week. I've started on a top, but hit a snag, so have started on another top for the time being and will return to the other one when I'm able to meet up with my friend