52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Scrap Metal Art - a retirement interest

My Hubby retired at the end of last year.  Although he has a lot of interests, most of them are not home based.  

One thing he had been contemplating having a go at was "Scrap Metal Art".  He has been squireling bits and bobs away for some time.  From what I can see of his hoard, anything goes!

Yesterday he finished his first piece of scrap metal art.  This seahorse on a wood base now hangs on the wall in our hall.  I'm pretty impressed with the way it has turned out.  He now has lots of ideas of what he wants to make and a couple of friends have asked if he can make them something too.  This new hobby should keep his occupied in the garage for a while.


  1. he did a fantastic job on this absolutely fantastic

    1. Thank you. In the past he hasn't shown any interest in any type of crafting, so this came as quite a surprise x

  2. That’s brilliant Sam. Love it.

  3. As an ole welder.. I can appreciate the work.. but the imagination even more.. looking forward to see what he comes up with..