52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 2 August 2023

Sticky backed foil tags (Tape-a-tag)

While away at the caravan, I watched a youtube crafting tutorial by Keren Warneke of "Oarsum Crafts made by KJ", where she shared how she uses sticky backed foil tape to create decorative tags.  I was intreagued and decided I needed to have a go myself once I was back home.

In the meantime, I found that there was also a Facebook group for the tags too, the link to the group is called "Tape-A-Tag" and the link to the group is here.

I got home from the caravan this afternoon and once the first load of washing was in the machine, I sat down at my craft desk to have a play.

I was very fortunate, that I recognised the foil tape Karen used in her tutorial.  I asked Hubby if he still had some and he did, so I rescued it from the shed and the tape is now officially a craft supply and will not be returning to the shed again!

I started with a tag blank.  I cut pieces of cardboard into rough triangle shapes and used a glue stick to stick the shapes into position on to the blank tag. 

I cut off two lengths of foil tape of similar length, slightly longer than the tag length.  I scrunched each one up separately till the foil tape was a ball.  I lightly opened the tape, retaining all the crinkles, removed the backing and stuck the tape down the middle of the tag over the triangle pieces.

With the second piece of tape, again I opened it up and cut it in half, sticking half on one side of the tag and half on the other, till the tag itself was covered.  I turned the tag over and removed the excess using a craft knife.

Next I smoothed the foil over the triangle areas and used an embossing tool to detail the sections between the triangles.

I decided I wanted to replicate the colour of my favourite chocolate bar by using Ranger "Villainous Potion" purple Distress Paint, I painted over the surface of the foil, ensuring it was totally covered.  I set it aside for five minutes, then buffed the surface of the tag with a piece of kitchen roll, removing any surplus paint.

I then added the words "Spread the love" using a Clarity Stamp word sticker with a white background, before mounting the tag on a white background and using a white "hole re-inforcer" before threading silver ribbon through the tag to finish.


I then moved on to the silver tag.  

I used the same process of covering the tag with foil, but this time I didn't scrunch the tape, so the surface was relatively smooth. I ran an old membership card across the surface to make it as smooth as I could achieve.

Using a ruler and a ball ended embossing tool, I created vertical lines over the tag.

Next, I coated the whole tag with a black Sharpie pen.  I set it aside for a couple of minutes then buffed the surface with a piece of kitchen roll, removing the majority of the black Sharpie ink.  The result of it reminds me of the "Black Ice" technique which I tried a few years back using mirror card.

I mounted the tag on to black card stock, then added a sentiment, which is from the Clarity Stamps "Words Stickers" set.  Finally, I threaded a silver ribbon through the hole.



  1. Sam wow you have rocked this tutorial, Karen has some amazing tutorials on so many different ideas, this is amazing... congrats xx [Karen is also in my group and has shown many tutorial links too..]

  2. Stunning tags Sam,thank you for the link to the group

    1. Thank you. I really enjoyed doing something totally different x

  3. Two very pretty ways of using the tape...how clever Sam, and when I first looked at the silver one it was the black ice technique I thought of too. I haven't done that for ages. x

    1. Thanks Pat. It was nice to work with a different medium x