52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Monday 17 February 2020

Funky Fossil Engagement Card (using Sweet Hearts and Diamond Trio Stencils)

Was love in the air this Valentine's weekend?  Do you need to make an engagement card?

For this card, I have used two Funky Fossil Design stencils.  In the background, I have used the "Sweet Hearts" stencil and the Wow! Embossing pad with a Wow! embossing powder called "Love Is The Drug".  

Now I found something out about this embossing powder, in the pot it is a hot pink colour, so naturally, I assumed it would heat to that colour on the black cardstock, in the same way the sentiment heated in silver.  But I was mistaken, when heated it turns clear with just a tiny hint of pink.  I then tried it on white card and it heated to the pink colour, so I will need to remember this when I go to use it in future. As it turned out for this card, I think it was a happy accident as the card has a more classy feel than it would have had it gone to plan.

For the central diamond, I used a stencil called "Diamond Trio, again using the Wow! clear embossing pad but this time I used "Wow! White Twinkle Embossing Glitter".

For the congratulations sentiment, I used a stamp that I've had for ages, heat embossed using "Wow! Metallic Silver Super Fine Embossing Powder"