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Saturday 29 February 2020

Lavinia Stamps Design Team Retirement

I have had assorted Lavinia Stamps in my collection of crafty stash for at least twelve years and likely a few more years on top of that too.  I have always loved the quality and the detail of the stamps.

For the past thirteen months, I have been a very proud Design Team member for Lavinia Stamps.  I remember how thrilled and excited I was when I received notification that I had made it onto the team and I have loved every minute of it.

Recently my Hubby retired.  It has always been our life plan for him to take a relatively early retirement,  to make the most of our health while we have it and to travel when the sun shines.  Last summer we purchased a VW camper van, so now is the time we can follow our dreams and be as free as a bird.

Unfortuntately, this dream will only work if I cut down on my Design Team commitments, so I have very, very sadly handed in my notice to Tracey and the Lavinia team.  

From the first of March, I will no longer be their Design Team member.  However, I will always be an ambassador for the brand because I love the product so much.  I will of course still continue to buy, use and blog Lavinia Stamps.


  1. sorry to read that you are giving up this DT post Sam, Hope you and hubby enjoy your future adventures

    1. Thank you. It was a very hard decision. I knew if I continued with the DT Hubby would likely get irritated by not being able to do what we had planned for a long time, so something had to give.

      Some of my older Lavinia Stamps are at least twelve years old and regularly used, so I know that I will continue to create pieces with my exisiting collection and will be purchasing the new releases too. x