52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Monday 18 June 2018

Artist Trading Coin (mini book)

Recently I've seen swaps for Artist Trading Coins - think Artist Trading Cards but round in shape.  I don't take part in swaps but fancy giving them a go, just for myself so want a suitable way to store them.

While looking on-line, I came across this YouTube tutorial by Teresa Morgan, on how to make a mini book to hold 9 coins.  Today I have made a little holder for them.  I still need to decorate the cover but it is more or less ready to hold the  coins.

Each pocket has acetate over the aperture so that the decorative coin can be seen in its little home.  I deliberately chose a patterned paper that had a calm colour scheme to that the eye is drawn to the coin itself.


  1. Great idea I have joined an ATC coin swap so just might give this a go-thank you for the link
    Carol x