52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Monday 3 June 2024

Zentangle Tag

This was one of those projects that started off as one thing, sat at the back of my desk for about a year, but then today I decided it was "do or ditch "day.  It turned out to be a "do" day, resulting in this finished tag.

My original idea was that it would go in my diet journal as a tracker tag, the whole diet thing is now a thing of the past, which was why the tag had been left unfinished.  If I remember correctly I used a coupld of shades of Distress Oxide Inks for the pink/coral colour and the green, I'd already drawn the pattern outline, so it was really just filling in the areas with various pens.  As I'm in Zentangle mode it seemed natural to use some of those designs to fill in the spaces.


  1. This zentangle tag looks great Sam, and the pink and green tones with the black and white look so pretty together..definitely worth finishing. x