52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 1 May 2024

Tiffany Johnson Creative #100daysartplay Challenge - Day 74

Today is Day 74 of the Tiffany Johnson Creative #100daysartplay Challenge.  This week the prompt is to use "Crayons".

For this piece, I lightly drew the outline of a butterfly in pencil, then using red, orange and pink coloured crayons, I started adding dots of colour to the wings, towards the body, I added lines of the three colours so that they practically blended in with each other, then used the orange crayon to draw over my pencil lines.  For the body of the butterfly, I used a black fine liner pen and a white gel pen.


  1. Looking awesome Sam, I think you are having a ball creating in many different ways. .xx

  2. This is a fun and beautiful butterfly and the shape is perfect and love the bright crayon colours you used so uniquely Sam. x