52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 13 March 2024

Tiffany Johnson Creative #100daysartplay Challenge - Day 25

It's Day 25 of Tiffany Johnson Creative #100dayartplay Challenge - a quarter of the way through.  This is day four of a week of using "Household Items".

This is my Day 25 make.  I started using a piece of cardboard from a cereal box for the background.  I covered the cardboard with pieces of scrunched up and smoother sticky packed foil tape.

I mounted the foil covered cardboard on to a piece of teal coloured card.  Using the off cuts of the teal card, I cut it into thin strips and stuck them in position over the copper foil, alternating from the edge of each side.  

Moving the prepared background to one side, I took some white paper straws, arranging the position of the lengths till I was happy and put some tape along the middle on both sides to retain the position.  I then wrapped the central area in more copper tape.  I then positioned and glued the drinking straws on to the background using double sided sticky tape.

For the central embellishment.  I glued two layers of 2x2" pieces of cereal box cardboard together.  With more of the same cardboard, I die cut two hearts and glued them together then glued them to the middle of the square.  I tore off a strip of copper sticky backed tape and scrunched it up into a tight ball, I then smoothed it out a little and positioned over the cardboard.  

I used a paper stump to outline the heart and I smoothed over the surface of the heart using an old store card.  I then went over the whole square, including the heart with a black Sharpie pen, then rubbed off the surplus using a piece of kitchen towel and then a soft cloth to buff it.  Finally, mounting the square on to the background using foam pads.


  1. Sam stunning and you are just amazing xx

  2. The sticky backed foil works brilliantly here and love the background with the bits of teal card, such a great combination, and the straws make a great background to the central piece with the added heart, and a technique I think you have used in the past with the black sharpie pen used over the top and then wiped leaving bits of black in all the little creases which gives a completely different look...such great ideas using household items and very creatively too Sam. x