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Thursday 6 July 2023

Book Review: "A December to Remember" by Jenny Bayliss

I was fortunate to read and review this book for Netgalley, before the publication date of 28th September 2023.  You can pre-order the kindle or paperback version on this Amazon link.

I absolutely enjoyed this book .  It's about three sisters, fathered by the same man but with different mothers, all with totally different lifestyles.  As children, the only time they would meet up would be for a month is the summer holidays, where they had the time of their lives living freely and enjoying each others company.

As adults, the girls lead totally different lives, with minimal contact. Maggie the eldest is a green-grocer shop keeper and widowed mother of two, lives in the same village as her father, but would rarely see him as he would be away on his hippie style travels.  Professional Simone, lives in London with her wife, while the youngest daughter Star leads a free and similar hippie life style to their father.

Life for the sisters changes when they each receive an envelope from a solicitor, informing them that their Father has died on his travels and that the contents of his curio/antique shop and his estate would be left to them as long as they complete various challenges.

The challenges force the sisters to work together, even though they don't really like or even respect each other.  Their relationships are messy, but they each have a need for money, so are driven to complete the challenges with the inheritance dangling in front of them like a carrot.

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