52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Tuesday 20 June 2023

Lavinia Stamps "Seren" and the fairy dust card

It was a Lavinia Stamps session first thing this morning, making this card. 

I found a small 4x4" off cut of Lavinia Scenescapes paper, so decided to work within that space to make a card.

In the central area I used "Leaf Green" Archival ink through the Lavinia "Honeycomb Stencil".

I then used white "Pan Pastel" through the Lavinia "White Orbs" stencil around the top two thirds of the card.

Using Versafine Clair "Medieval Blue" ink, I stamped the Lavinia "Seren" the fairy, "Mrs Wallace" the hedgehog, the "Fairy Dust" sentiment and the "Small Branch" on either side of the card.

Using Versafine Clair "Rain Forest" and "Green Oasis" I darkened the top right hand corner of the card.

I then created the landscape by using a Lavinia "Hill Mask" with Versafine Clair "Rain Forest" ink.

I added lighter areas using Van Goch pastel pencils.  I added white dots to the "Small Branches" to replicate white berries.

I then used a yellow and orange Posca Pen, to brighten the lantern, using a pastel pencils on the outer edge of the lantern.

I used Versafine Clair "Green Oasis" with one of the stamps from the "Foliage Set" of stamps.  I then used yellow and orange Posca Pens to create the impressions of flowers on the foliage.  

I used a gold shimmer gel pen on the fairy and the spines of the hedgehog.


  1. Gorgeous Sam, never ending beautiful designs from you x❤️❤️

    1. Thanks so much Annie. I craft because I want to and I love it and for no other reason. It's a nice position to be in.

  2. A gorgeous detailed magical scene

  3. This is a wonderful scene full of interest and on a Lavinia paper which has worked brilliantly Sam. Fairies are not so much my thing but she is beautiful, and I adore the hedgehog, and the added gel pen highlights for the berries and the flowers and the white bokeh type highlights give a magical look and work really well too. x