52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Saturday 19 November 2022

Funky Fossil "In the neighbourhood stencil" new home card

We sadly said goodbye to our neighbours, who as the tv tune suggest "become good friends" and they did.  They're staying local, so we will still see them, but I will miss seeing them daily, especially their two gorgeous girls, who we have been lucky enough to know since they were born (they're 11 and 9 now).

Fortunately, we now have lovely new/old neighbours moving in to their house.  I don't mean "old' as in age, but a couple who used to live three doors up from us.  They moved to a nearby town, but missed the village and have returned and have moved in to the bungalow opposite our house.

I made this card for the incoming new/old neighbours.  I've masked off the edges of the card, then used two shades of Archival Inks (Pink Peony and Violet) through the Funky Fossil "In the neighbourhood stencil".

I removed the masking tape and then used Versafine Clair "Purple Delight" ink to stamp the word "home" the sentiment and the house shape with a heart, which are part of the Funky Fossil Designs "A7 Home Stamp Set".


  1. A beautiful card to we!come your new/old neighbours

  2. These two tone stencilled houses make a great moving in card for your old neighbours who are now becoming your new ones. How lovely to have them move back. It must be a really great community. By the way I have given up relying on Bloglovin' to let me know when you post something new and have added you to my Blog List. x

    1. Thanks Pat. It's such a nuisance when a service is supposed to be provided but then it becomes hit and miss x