52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 1 July 2020

Lavinia Stamps new stencil play session

Last week, Lavinia Stamps launched 12 new stencils along with 13 new stamps.  Being a bit of an addict, I had to get every one of them.

As you will have seen, I have been playing with the stamps qute a lot, but this morning I decided to use the stencils with a gelli plate.

I started by using a brayer with acylic paint on top of the gelli plate to create a thin even layer.  I then put the stencil over the top.  Using a foam pad, I applied Pan Pastels in a couple of colours.  Once I'd covered the area, I then lifted the stencil (and immediately popped it in a bowl of water), and then brayered a thin even layer of white acrylic paint.  I smoothed card over the top of the paint and added a slight pressure.  I then lifted the card to reveal the image.

You can get a second pull of the image by applying another thin layer of acrylic paint and again smooth card over the gelli plate and lift.  This second pull will be a more subtle, less obvious print of the image.

For my session this morning, I used the Lavinia Stamps Pods, Pebbles and Laurel stencils. I will use these backgrounds for future projects.

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