52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Frisk Buddy Cup Palette

Today I took delivery of the Frisk Buddy Cup Palette purchased from Lavinia Stamps.  

The Buddy Cup Palette has 12 small pots with a tightly fitted lid that fit into a plastic palette.  I have used the small pots to make up small amounts of Brusho Paint.  I've labelled the pots so that I know what colour is in which pot.  Because I have quite a few Brusho shades of paint, I purchased additional pots from an alternative on-line supplier.  

The benefit of having the paint already made up is that I usually put off using Brusho as it can be a messy process, but this little palette is ideal especially to attend workshops.

Here's a photo of all my Brusho Paints made up.  I have some spare empty Buddy Cups to fill when I purchase new shades of Brusho Paint.

Just so that you are aware, you can get into quite a mess using Brusho, so I always wear an apron and when I remember I wear some rubber gloves.... unfortunately, today was not one of those days, so I will be wearing this paint on my hand for a couple of days!

Oh, I forgot to say, I have trimmed my fan brush so that it fits into the little Buddy Cups comfortably.