52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Rose Thank You Card using Spellbinders Clear Stamps (STP-001 and STP-005)

A couple of days ago, I found out that I was the name drawn to receive a set of 12 Spellbinders Clear stamps, courtesy of Hope and Chances Creativity.  My fabulous prize arrived today and I decided to get cracking and make a thank you card using the new stamps.

For the rose itself, I used three stamps from the set STP-001, and three shades of Versafine Ink:  "Charming Pink" for the base, the middle shade is 'Glamorous" and the darker shade is "Purple Delight".  The leaf is from the same set and I used two shades of Versafine Clair ink.  The base colour was "Shady Lane" and the lighter colour on the top is "Verdant".

The sentiment is from the set with the reference number of STP-005 and was stamped in Versafine Clair "Purple Delight".