52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Monday 8 January 2018

Tumbled / Lapidary Sea Glass

I have a mirror with a thick pine frame.  Unfortunately, there is a tiny crack in one corner of the mirror itself.  I'd been trying to think if there was a way to disguise the crack and came up with the idea of creating a design with beach glass stuck to the mirror.

While walking the dog on the beach, I have been collecting sea glass, but it's not something that always seems to be about so my collection is quite small.  

I saw something to suggest you could tumble glass to get the same look.  For several months, I mentioned this to Hubby and I wasn't sure if it fell on deaf ears or not.  But for my birthday in December, he gave me a lapidary / tumbler along with different grades of grit, so that I could tumble my own glass.  My Lapidary tumbler has two barrels.  

At the weekend we set the barrels up in the garage and left them to tumble.  Today when we checked both the blue and the clear glass had frosted nicely and the edges were all rounded.  I need to now start sourcing unusual coloured bottles so that I can put them through the same process.

I think it will be quite some time till I have enough for my mirror project, but I'm sure it will look fabulous once complete.


  1. This looks a brilliant idea. One way to recycle glass look forward to seeing the mirror when finished.

    1. Thank you. I think it will take a while till I have everything prepared so that I can start creating. But it should be an interesting and different project to work on. x