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Sunday 14 May 2017

A sewing good deed

Last week I did a good deed, by helping the daughter of a friend of a friend with her college course work.  She's doing an art & design course and had to make three items of clothing, some of which would be in a fabric that she had designed herself.

Unfortunately, the course does not offer any assistance in dressmaking, so she was left stressing over how she could construct the items

I have limited experience of sewing and would only place myself as little better than a beginner, but we went through the basics of translating the pattern, machine, pinning & cutting, construncting a draft top out of calico.  This enabled her to see how everything goes together.Using those skills, she was able to work alone on the projects.  In fact, that evening she went on to make a skirt!

I was happy to help her and maybe sewing will become an interest that she will enjoy for many years.  I certainly hope so.

It saddens me that these types of skills are no longer available to the youngsters at school.  Not everybody is academic, I certainly wasn't.  I feel there is a place in the world for not only sewing but crafting in general.

So, I'm stepping off my soap box now.  Thank you for reading my rant.  I'm going to disappear to stroke fabric now.

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