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Wednesday 24 August 2022

Netgalley Book Review: "Christmas at Red Robin Cottage" by Sue Roberts

I have been a member of Netgalley since 2016.  Netgalley is a book review site and this is a reveiw of one of the books I have just read.  The book will be available to purchase late September 2022.

The festive looking cover of "Christmas at Red Robin Cottage" drew me to this book and I wasn't disappointed by the content. The book made me want to step straight into Christmas. Sue Roberts, the author, has a very descriptive style of writing that sets the Christmas theme perfectly. I couldn't get enough of this book, it was right up my street!

Set in a village in the Liverpool area, Sarah Dunn works in an old fashioned cinema and loves her job. Sarah is a single Mum to sixteen year old Ellie and is divorced to Robbie, Ellies Dad.

Sarah lives in her beatiful old cottage and loves everything about the pretty building. Life is perfect, she has her job and great friends, but there is the lack of a life partner. Sarah reflects on her past, especially the teenage years spent doing am-dram with her best friend Kay, who just happens to have an older brother called Luke, that Sarah had her first crush on.

Fond memories of her crush for Luke, means that Sarah isn't sure if she spots him in a window seat of a train going in the opposite direction or if she has imagined it. A visit to the city library reveals a surprise for Sarah, was it Luke she saw?

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