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Tuesday 14 June 2016

Crafting Storage Solutions

As a crafter, I am very aware of how I hoard bits & bobs that I think may come in useful for a future project.  Due to the many years I have been hoarding, storage has become an issue, especially as I have a touch of OCD - well ok, more than a touch! I like to store my items in an orderly fashion, but equally they have to be easily accessible too. 

My long suffering Hubby has become accustomed to me dashing down the aisle of the hardware store when I see a lovely display of plastic boxes, often saying "do you really need more"? Generally my plastic box of choice are "RUBS" or "Really Useful Boxes" which can be found in many outlets. They're ideal for all sorts as they are stackable allowing the contents to be clearly seen.

However, they are not the prettiest of things, so I tend to store small items in jars, bowls and cups.  Because I like pretty too, I store my buttons in old glass coffee jars that I purchased at a local auction.

I have a Pinterest Board with all sorts of storage variables, which can be viewed by clicking this link.

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