52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Lavinia Stamps "Mirror Image Stamping" on a mop brush background


A few days ago, Tracey Dutton of Lavinia Stamps did a demonstration creating a landscape using mop paint brushes.  I thought I'd try it for myself.

I didn't recall what paint/ink Tracey used, but decided to use inks from the Lavinia "Elements" collection, by putting some on my glass mat and using a very wet mop paint brush to lift and dilute the ink for painting.

I spritzed a piece of water colour card a little on one side and a lot on the other, this stops it from curling up.  I then used my fully loaded with water and ink large mop brush with "Sundance" Elements ink.  I used my heat gun to dry it, then applied "Russet Orange" then repeated the dry and paint using "Confetti" and then "Violet Chalk" ink

Once fully dry, I stamped the Lavinia "Tree Group" stamp on a piece of Acetate, stamping in Versafine Clair "Morning Mist" grey ink.  I then applied this on to the coloured background to create the reflection.  It doesn't matter if the image doesn't come out fully as reflections are not always exact due to the movement of water (this is called "Mirror Image Stamping").  I then stamped the "Tree Group" again, using Versfine Clair "Nocturne" black ink above the reflections already stamped.

I decided to darken the sky area using Versafine Clair "Twilight" dark blue ink.  Something I didn't think about was that the yellow and blue would create a green hint to the sky and reflection - I guess you'd call it a "Happy Accident"!

I used a black pastel pencil to create the impression of a little movement in the water.

Finally, I stamped the word "Silence" which is part of one of the new Lavinia Stamps word sets called "Nightfall", using Versafine Clair "Nocturne" black ink.


  1. Absolutely stunning! Sam your reflection is amazing as are these colours x

  2. A brilliant project Sam,love your background and stamping

  3. I love the way you have added the colours with a lovely big brush Sam and the trees and the great reflection work beautifully over the top. I love the green tinge to the sky and reflected at the bottom too..a great scene. x