52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Lavinia Stamps "Forest Flower" Card

So from going with really soft colours with the Clarity card I made last night, this morning I have gone for vibrant.

I started by creating the base, using three shades of Lavinia Element's Inks:  Lime Punch, Blue Atoll and Della Blue applied with a very wet mop brush so that the colours mingled.

Once dry, I then lay the Lavinia "Dynamic" stencil over the top and added "Lime Punch" and "Della Blue" Elements Inks through areas of the stencil.

I then moved on to the stamping, starting with Versafine Clair "Twilight" to stamp the new Lavinia Stamps "Forest Flowers".

I then used Versafine Clair "Verdant" and "Warm Breeze" to stamp the ferns, using the Lavinia "Fern Heads" stamps.

Using a couple of Lavinia Stamps "Hill Masks" I created the landscape using Versafine Clair "Blue Belle" and "Twilight".

I then added some foliage to the base of flowers using Versafine Clair "Twilight" dark blue ink with the new "Vine Set" and the older "Foliage Set".

I then inked the edges of the card using Verafine Clair "Fantasia" to give it a purple look.

I then moved on to the finishing touches, using Posca Pens and gel pens to colour the "Forest Flowers" and to add colour to the foliage at the base.  I used a white and a silver glitter gel pen to add highlights to areas too.


  1. The vibrant background is the perfect foil for your stamping,beautiful card

    1. Thanks so much, this one just seemed to happen before my eyes, with very little imput from me x

  2. This is a beautiful Lavinia stamp set and I love the way you have coloured the little seeds within the head of each flower Sam, and the background is so bright and pretty, and I particularly love the coiled ferns and the added foliage and stencilled hills to ground the flowers, and finally the really prettily coloured foliage here too...so full of interest and just delightful! x