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Sunday 9 October 2022

Netgalley Book Review: Driving Home For Christmas by Joanna Bolouri

Rarely do I slot right into the rhythm of the writing by an author I have not previously read or heard of, but this was one of those amazing occassions. I couldn't put the book down!

The characters felt so real and the story line was so visual in my head as I read, it felt like it was something I was watching on TV. This book has humour, but also a fabulous understanding of love and insecurities within relationships.

Ed and Kate, initially school friends, which turns into a relationship, have been together for fourteen years. Through, school, university and their adult work lives to date. Ed is a laid back school music teacher, while Kate is a hot shot divorce lawyer to "C" list celebs. Both have been happy with their lives together till the night they travel to their family for Christmas, when hard to take home truths are said in a blazing argument while stuck in the motorway traffic jam. They face the dilemma of turning round and going their separate ways or visiting the relatives over Christmas and pretending everything is fine.

I have absolutely no problem awarding this book my five stars. I'm going to look up other titles by the author as I have enjoyed it so much. 


  1. Was looking for some Christmas romances Sam have bought this one,hope I enjoy it as much as you did