52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Forget Me Not "Happy Tooth Fairy Day" Card

Last night, Willow our Grandaughter lost her first tooth. Apparently the neighbouring one is also loose.  Unfortunately, we don't live near Willow to see her on "Tooth Fairy Day", but I did get to see a photo of the gap it has left, so I made her this little card instead, as she likes to receive her own mail.

I used the flowers from the Flamingo Stamp Set by "The Forget Me Not Kraft Kabin" shown below.

I stamped the flowers in two shades of Versafine Clair ink, Charming Pink and Purple Delight.  I coloured the smaller flower in using Arteza Brush Pens.

I didn't have a suitable sentiment for losing a tooth, so decided to type and print one out, which I was able to adhere across the front.


  1. Willow will surely love her card, what is a tooth worth these days? bet she looks forward to the next one coming out.

    1. Thank you. I spoke to Willow and she was left a £2 coin, but her Dad said that was only because he didn't have a £1 coin. Her cousin gets £5 per tooth, but she is an only child, where as Willow has two siblings, so likely to stick to the £1. xxx

  2. Love the card and our grandaughters get £1 for each tooth too.
    Carol x