52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Tuesday 21 February 2023

An inky Clarity stencil play session

I was recently reminded that I have a few Clarity Stencils which have not seen the light of day for at least a couple of years.  As I have been away for a few days, I was keen to get inky again, making this card.   The still photo doesn't really do it justice, so I've taken a little video too.

Because some of my Clarity crafting stuff has been around for a while, I didn't write the name of the stencils on the packs, so that will be a little job for tomorrow, so for now, you'll just have to enjoy the card without description.


  1. I love the contrast of the bright shiny gold flower with sun rays/rays of light, and then the swirls which look as though you have added white pen dots to, and then the different liquid pearls to embellish..so full of interest and a beautiful card Sam. I hope you enjoyed your few days away. x