52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Sunday 13 January 2019

Week 3 - 52 Week Mini Art Card / Tag Challenge 2019

Hi, thanks for popping in.  It's time for another challenge prompt. 
The Week 3 prompt is "Collage"

If like me, you save your scraps of paper and other bits and bobs, for a "just in case moment", then this prompt is for you. Drag out those bits and put them to use.

For my collage, I decided on a beach scene, but yours can be on anything you like.  I raided my oddments box and came up with this.

I started by painting the sky with water colours and worked my way down the tag from there.

I've torn inked paper into scraps,  found an embossed bit of card that could be used for sea and added a bit of extra sparkle with Nuvo sequins.  On the rocks in the foreground, I have used some FlowerSoft which was given to me by a friend but I had never got to use.  

The only stamping on the tag, are the birds which are a Lavinia Stamp. 


You can join this challenge at any time, do as much or as little as you like, it's very, very relaxed.  If you would like more info or would like to see the previous prompts, you can check them out here.

There is also a Facebook Group for this challenge, I'd love it if you popped over and joined the fun, by sharing your challenge images and talking to the others taking part about all things crafty.  Sam x


  1. Wow love this tag you created a wonderful scene

    1. Thank you Meg. It's surprising what can be created with a few scraps of paper. Sam x