52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Saturday 8 July 2017

Sunflower Cards and Tags (Papercraft Essentials Issue 148 magazine)

While in the supermarket, I always glance at the magazine display to see if there is anything that I fancy getting.  Issue 148 of the Papercraft Essentials magazine appealed due to the sunflowers.  The free gift contained a set of really versatile stamps and an embossing folder with a nice repeat pattern on it.

I quickly got faffing with card, stamps and inks and created these two cards and a tag.  my For the first card, I used my watercolour pencils to colour the stamped sunflower image.  Mounted it in black and a sunny yellow.  I used the free embossing folder for the background.  It was a little too small, so I was able to align the design and emboss the other half of the background.

For the second card (below),I used a sheet of patterned paper for the background.  Cut a piece of sacking and frayed the edges.  Then stuck the stamped image on.

I used a Panpastel background for this tag.  Stamped the verse and then stamped the flowers around the verse.

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