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Thursday 13 October 2016

Symphony Rose (Red Rooster Fabric) Cushions

I've had a lovely day today, gardening, walking the dog, a little housework and I made some quick envelope backed cushions for the new craft room too.

Talking of which, the exterior of the new craft room has been painted today.  Once the plaster is dry inside the interior decoration will commence.

I've not done any sewing for weeks.  In fact I had to blow the dust off the overlocker - the shame of admitting that!  Fortunately, being a crafter I have plenty of fabric to hand, so I was able to use what I had.  Although not ideal for cushions this 100% cotton fabric that I had originally purchased to make a quilt has turned out very well.

The fabric is called "Symphony Rose" designed by Anna Fishkin for Red Rooster Fabrics.  The material on the reverse is also from the same Red Rooster collection.  I think the cushions will look very pretty on the new green sofa when it arrives.

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