52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Friday 2 June 2023

Lavinia Stamps "Indian Flourish" on a "Dinkles" Background

Recently, Lavinia Stamps have released a new product called "Dinkles", they're a little similar to Brusho but are a fine powder, rather than being granular.  Initially, I thought "I'm not going to buy these'!  But of course I got sucked in and orderd the set.  They have been sat on my craft desk for almost a week waiting to be used, so today was the day that I gave them a try. 

I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with the Dinkles or how I was going to use them, so decided I would spritz a piece of card with water (both sides so that it didn't curl), then poked holes into the lids of the Dinkles, like I did with the Brusho all those years ago and then gently tapped a little of the powder out.  I used two colours "Amethyst" and "Magenta".  

Initially, I put a very tiny bit of powder onto the spritzed surface, but knew I wanted a little more colour, so added another spritz of water then tapped a little more powder on.  I then used my heat gun to dry the surface.

Once the card was dry, I ran an anti-static bag over the surface then stamped the Lavinia Stamps "Indian Flourish" feather on to the card.  I quickly coated the stamped image with Wow! Silver Embossing Powder and heat set.

I cut the card down to an appropriate size and then added a stamped sentiment, using the Lavinia Stamps "Heartfelt Verse" stamp set in Versafine Clair "Charming Pink" ink.


  1. Beautiful background colours and stamped image Sam

  2. The dinkles sound so good, love to be able to buy some but post now is horrific to and from Australia and of course they are not available here yet x

  3. This is so pretty on the purple and pink powder watercolour backgroound Sam giving a similar look to Brushos, and the silver embossed Indian Flourish feather makes the perfect topper. x