52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Lavinia Stamps - "Believe" challenge card


I'm home again after a few days away.  How I have missed my crafting!

Yesterday, Monday 17th April, Eileen Godwin set a challenge of using only stencils to make a card.  This is what I made. It is totally out of season, but actually quite nice to do something festive for a change.

I used a whole host of stencils by Lavinia Stamps along with Archival Inks and Wow! Embossing Powders.

I started the card by using the Lavinia "Stag" Sticker Stencil from set 4 using "Tea Rose" Archival ink go colour the stag head.  I then used the same ink through the Lavinia "Cryptic" stencil.

I used "Prickly Pear" Archival Ink around the stag head, then used the same ink and some "Leaf Green" Archival Ink through the Lavinia "Honeycomb" stencil.

I then used "Sky Blue" Archival Ink through the Lavinia "Divine" stencil.

Next I applied "Fern Green" Archival ink through the Lavinia "Red Brick" stencil.

I moved on to "Cobalt" Archival Ink with the Lavinia "Moon Mask" to create the partially shaded moon in the background.

While I had the "Cobalt" ink out,  I then used it through the the Lavinia "Faith" stencil to create the "Believe" word. Using "Cobalt" again to darken the edges of the card.

I used Wow! Embossing Ink and Wow! Clear Embossing Powder through the Lavinia "White Orbs" stencil from the top left to the bottom right and heat set.

Once the clear embossing was cool, I dusted the surface with an anti-static bag and used the same stencil with Wow! White Puff Twinkle Embossing Powder in the same area and heat set.

I added a few pencil details around the head of the stag using "Van Goch Pastel Pencils" to add some shadow to the head.

Here's a little video clip to share with you, in the hope you can see the embossing detail a little better.