52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Thursday 12 January 2023

Lavinia Stamps "Wild Flower" Birthday Card

Each Friday evening, Lavinia Stamps Design Team member Amanda Branston, does a Facebook Live demonstration.  Last week she showed how to use alcohol inks on a gel plate, so I decided I needed to try out the technique, resulting in this card.

I pulled out my gel plates, alcohol inks and alcohol blending solution ready to play.  I decided to opt for three shades of Alcohol Inks:  a yellow, a green and a blue.  I didn't make a note of which ones I used but I do remember that the yellow one was a pearlescent one, so has left a lovely sheen on the card.

With the gel plate on my glass mat, I squeezed some "Alcohol Ink Blending Solution" on to the gel plate, then dotted the three colours on top, starting with the lighter, working to the darker.  I added a little more blending solution to the gel plate then used the hand puffer - sorry I don't know what the proper term is, it's like a little fire belllow!  The puffer distributes the ink around the gel plate.  I then pressed a card over the gel plate, leaving in position for about a minute, before lifting to see the image it had created.

I tried this technique several times.   By the third attempt I had got the hang of it!  Lighter inks or less of the darker shades seem to work better... for me at least.

To clean the gel plate, I initially used my water spritzer, but there were still areas of ink left, so used some alcohol gel hand sanitizer which lifted the ink.  I then washed and dried the gel plate before returning to its storage tin.

I stamped the Lavinia Stamps in three shades of Versafine Clair inks, using:  Shady Lane green ink for the "Leafy Spray", Warm Breeze turquoise ink for the "Wild Flowers" and Nocturne, black ink for the dandelions.  I actually used four different Lavinia Stamps:  Open Dandelions, Drooping Dandelion, Make a Dandelion and Tall Dandelion.

I coloured the flowers with a mixture of Posca Pens, Signo glitter gel pens, Derwent Inktense pencils and Van Goch Pastel Pencils.  There is actually a lot of sheen and sparkle on this card, which sadly is not captured by the photograh.

I used Versafine Clair "Nocturne" black ink to stamp the "Happy Birthday" sentiment, which is part of the Waffle Flower "Essential Sentiments" stamp set.


  1. Beautiful colours in both the background and gorgeous florals, a wonderful birthday card

  2. This is great Sam, just wondering with the stamping onto the alcohol ink.... mine always lifts off, and secret to the stamping?

    1. Hi Annie, Thank you. With alcohol ink, we would normally use a paper with a plastic type of coating like Yupo or photo paper, but in this case I've used a standard piece of Lavinia "Multifarious card" to lift the ink off the gel plate, so stamping on it, is like stamping on a normal piece of card. Hope that helps x

  3. Another beautiful background...I should have come to this one first as it is the first of the two using this technique, and I have to say I think this one is more my cup of tea although the other is beautifully done too, but I adore this image and the colours are fabulous. I am assuming that for this one you didn't use a shape but just puffed the AI's to distribute them. x

    1. Thanks Pat. I did use a circle gel plate, but as you blow the ink around, you never really know what shape you'll end up with. I like the fact that it's a more abstract shape x