52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Sunday 3 July 2022

Simplicity 8926 hand made top

A different type of crafting for me yesterday, making this top using SimplicityS8926 sewing pattern. I chose this pattern and fabric as I am at the age where I fluctuate in temperatures hourly, so I thought somthing light and floaty would be ideal.

I originally made it longer, but after spending ages hand sewing the hem, decided it needed to be a few inches shorter, so cut three inches off then machine hemmed.

I like it more now that it is shorter, however I am not totally happy withe the neckline, it's a little big on me and gapes at the central front and back neckline area (circled). I think if I make the top again, I will make it in a size smaller and maybe use medium weight interfacing rather than light weight. I guess I should really make a toille before cutting into proper fabric, but having spent ages tracing the pattern and markings I just want to get cracking on the construction.

I really do wish I had a sewing guru I could consult on sewing.  I try my best, but generally I end up with something I'm not happy with for one reason or another/


  1. I'm a certified FACS/home economics teacher who luckily or unluckily have only had 1 semester of clothing 2 and many semesters of 7th & 8th grade intro level, and HS Intro FACS/Like Skills units in sewing. Lots of pillows, stockings, & tote bags for JH and aprons, seasonal felt table runners, and quilt panel pillows for HS. 1 semester of HS Clothing/Textiles 1 where students' had to do varied skill/length of projects so their items varied from scrunchies, baby bibs, letter-shaped pillows, tote bags, a few shirts, a few skirts, aprons, and oven mitts. Don't despair. Not quitting is the name of the game!! You completed your project! YES! My suggestion for the yoke panel at the top and back of the bodice sections is to do a medium weight interfacing or 2 layers of lightweight. If you want the sleeves to lift up a bit at the shoulders, a suggestion would be to cut half-circle shapes of interfacing and do 2 rows of gathering stitch lines to the straight edge. Pull and gather to match and pin to your top center shoulder/sleeves pieces. Thanks for sharing your sewing!!! Just remember with most 'big' crafting and home improvement projects, starting and then finishing is the key major goal each time! Congratulations! You did that!

    1. Thank you for your wise words Becca. You are certainly right about the finishing of projects. I admit to having a few unfinished items in my cupboard. I feel inspired to have a go at another project and have made a note on the outer packet of the pattern to remind me to change things a litte next time x

  2. It looks like such a beautiful fabric and payern! Hope you find somethng for the neckline so you can enjoy this one! Hugs, Gerrina