52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Friday 15 April 2022

Avery Elle Weight lifting 18th Birthday Card

The son of our friends will be 18 soon, so I wanted to make a birthday card for him. 

He is also training for a weight lifting competition, so I wanted to make the card themed to this, but it has proven easier said than done.  

There is a definite lack of stamps which fit this theme.  In the end, a crafting friend pointed me in the direction of a listing on Etsy for a discontinued stamp set by Avery Elle.  The only problem is that it was in America.  I bit the bullet and purchased it, at an extortionate postage cost and it arrived this week.

(this is the original draft card)

Now I have the stamp and know the size of it, I need to create the card and I am not in the mood for it at all.  Here are two attempts.  The one without the blue border was my draft, I then made what was to be the card to give, but I don't like it.  It is too busy.  So I need to make another one. I'll leave it for today and see if I have other ideas for it tomorrow.

I've used the Avery Elle stamp for the main figure, with the Visible Image stencil called "Time Tunnel" in the background.


  1. Both versions look great to me Sam,such a shame to read that you are disappointed in them,