52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Funky Fossil Foiled Serenity and MDF sentiment

Funky Fossil Designs have recently added a selection of new products to their site, including some fabulous Wow! embossing items.  

I'm familiar with normal dry and heat embossing, but I have never worked with foil, so thought I'd try it out making this card.I decided I would foil the figure from the Funky Fossil "Serenity" clear stamp set.  This is the process I used to foil the image.

I ran an antistatic bag across the surface of the card I was going to use. 

Using my Misti stamping platform, I stamped the image using Wow! Ultra Clear embossing pad.  I stamped and applied more product several times to ensure I had a good coating of the clear ink.

I then coated the inked image with the Wow! Bonding Powder, tipping the surplus back in the pot.  I then heated the image from the underside of the card initially to melt the powder.  I then wafted the heat gun over the top of the card, to ensure that the area was fully melted.

I then placed the copper coloured Fab Foil over the top of the melted aream rubbing and pressing into position.  To ensure all areas were covered I went over it with a bone folder.

When the foil is lifted the original stamped image is displayed in the foil colour of choice.  I found that I didn't always get a clear coverage of foil, with some areas missing, so I heated the original stamped image again and repeated the foiling until I was happy with the coverage.  You can repeat this process many times.

I used the same process for the MDF "Relax" sentiment which is part of the Funky Fossil MDF "Positive Words" set.

I used a mask of the serenity figure to cover the foil area, and then applied the Funky Fossil "Elegant Fans" stencil over the top, secured with low tack masking tape and applied Versafine Clair "Medieval Blue" coloured ink with a finger dabber through the stencil.

Finally I adhered the relaxed sentiment to the top corner


  1. Beautiful Sam this is a new technique to me

    1. I think for me it is a "work in progress", I think I need to practice it more. I have lots of ideas in my head on how I can use it, but just need to perfect it first.