52 Week Mini Art Card/Tag Challenge

Friday 10 May 2019

An Auction Purchase For Altering

Earlier in the week, I visited the auction house where I used to work.  It was viewing day for the forthcoming Vintage and Household auction, so while there, I had a look through the lots.

One box of various treen (woodware) caught my eye as there was a chapel collection tray/box.  I wasn't able to attend the auction itself, so I left a commission/absentee bid for the lot.

Yesterday I received a call to say my bid was successful and I duly sent Hubby off to collect my goodies.  The other items in the lot I am not too fussed about but I'm really happy to have this little box.  I am undecided about how I am going to alter it, but in my head, I have it altered in some way and hanging on the wall with the handle above it.  I'll keep you posted to what I decide to do.  Sam x