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Thursday 26 July 2018

Wooden Block Stamp Dilemma

Reading a blog this morning, I was reminded how stamping products have changed in the years I have been crafting. 

I have always crafted in one way or another since I was a child. I got into paper crafting close to twenty years ago.  Back then opportunities to purchase in my area were limited to one local shop.  I remember the euphoric feeling I had when I went in there and oohed over the lovely goodies that were all new to me.

Back then, the stamps were wood mounted, they cost a lot and (still) take up a lot of storage space (as you can see from the photos above, I have drawers of them, which I can not bear to part with). The inks were limited too and I had no idea how the different inks worked.

Today, I prefer to use the clear stamps, they take up less space, I can use them in my Misti (stamping platform) and get excellent results every time.  With the wood mounted blocks, precision stamping used to be a little hit and miss as it was hard to re-position the stamps in the exact place.

Another change in the crafting world since I have been crafting are Youtube tutorials.  Where I live, there isn't an opportunity to learn from more experienced crafters due to living in remote North Wales, so I would buy a book and try to replicate the techniques.  But of course you have to store the book and the techniques soon date. So the use of Youtube, Facebook and Crafting Forums allow me now to keep up with new trends and techniques.

On-line shopping is another huge change.  Now I am able to access a vast range of products instead of those chosen to be stocked by one shop.  Hubby may not think this is so great as it is so easy to spend!

So today my question is: Should I remove the stamps from the blocks to free up storage, I could then use the stamps in my Misti or retain them as they are?  

Have a happy Thursday

Sam x


  1. I have quite a few wooden stamps too --not as many as you though lol but I don't have a misti so they are staying on the blocks-I have the heart one too on the left in middle drawer
    Carol x

  2. It's such a shame they take up so much space, but I do find it quite satisfying to be able to open the drawers and easily select a stamp I want to use x