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Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Great British Sewing Bee - Relief for footie widows

Are you also a footie widow?  It seems that I can not turn on the TV without there being a game on.  Last night there was an hour of light relief from the football in the form of The Great British Sewing Bee (Monday at 9pm on BBC2).  This is the fourth series of TGBSB and just like the previous ones, I am totally addicted.

I have quietly championed Jade, an 18 year old who is so talented for her years.  In the episode last night, which featured garments with a 1960's feel, Jade was successful with her beautiful jacket as "Garment Of The Week".  Jade has a personal blog on Facebook which is called "The Girl With The Bright Red Hair" .

The book that accompanies the series comes complete with a pattern pack and costs about £10 from Amazon at the moment.  I have all four books and they are fabulous bibles of information on how to create items that will actually fit you.  A must for any budding dressmaker.

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